October 25, 2014

when i try to be minahsaleh

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hello hello! whats up geng! hehe.. wow. so minahsaleh.. actually, this is my first time to have my #randomtalk in english. i try my best. i will. hahahha.  

what im goin to share? before i forget, salam awal muharam to all muslim in malaysia. welcome to the new year with the new revolution, with the new story. close the old book, and open the new chapter. what were my new revolution? hahaha... i just thought, the time has come that i need to do something with my soul.. opss! hahaha.. 

what was happen today? oh yah, congratulations to my TMJ and her wife, cik khaleeda. the simple appearance and outfit still shows the gentlemen of TMJ. i still likes it. dont you all try to condemn it. oh please. hahaha.. likewise, my ex-schoolmate smdo, zarina ismail and her husband, nazmi. im happy for both of you. the long love story and end with married. so respect both of you. congrate again!

me? hahaha. very very very long way to go. and i still not met my adam. hahaha.dont you dare to dreaming cik atoo!

okey lah. again. salam awal muharam readers. sorry for what ive been done to you with and without my intention. and sorry too for my grammar out of control here. thanks for reading ><

xoxo =D

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