November 28, 2014

20 fact that you should knows about FART

salam penghulu jumaat rakyat sekalian.

  • People who are NOT HONEST -People that fart and blame others.
  • People who are confused -People who hold farts for a few hours.
  • People who are ‘BERWAWASAN 2020’ -People who know a good time to farts.
  • People who are suffering -People who want to fart but cannot fart.
  • People who are nervous -People who suddenly fart when startled.
  • People who BELIEVE OURSELVES -People who give up farts with a very loud   sound.
  • STRATEGIC people -People who hide the farts with guffaw let the others cannot hear the sound of farts.
  • STRANGE people -Persons who may issue a fart when asked.
  • People who are arrogant -People who smell and tell others his own fart fragrance.
  • People who are FRIENDLY -People who do not mind others fart smell.
  • People cannot easily socialize -People who like to fart when hanging out with friends.
  • Aquatic people -People that like to fart in the water.
  • People who are HONEST -The person claiming to fart after doing so.
  • Mysterious people – If the person farts, others will not know.
  • Smart people -People can describe the contents of others farts smell like petai or durian smell.
  • Funny people -People laughing as he at farts.
  • ROMANTIC people -People who fart sounds melancholic and melodious rhyme while dating.
  • People who are NOT HEALTHY –Person by coughing, he will fart.
  • Hot-tempered person -People are feel angry easily when he smell fart, even his own fart.
  • People are forgetful -People wondered if the smell of farts though he own farts.

i love fart. atoo suka kentut. perghh. sedap woo. kahkahkah. kat mana, dimana, satu-satunya kerjaya tanpa perlu dibayar. rasa kebebasan sangat bila dapat melepas. and which one is mine? semua sekali depends the situation. kahkahkah. sebenarnya ni perkongsian dari assignment critical thinking masa atoo diploma dulu. rasa nak buang, tapi share lah kat blog dulu.

so, which one your fart would like?

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